In a valiant act of disregard for the prevailing winter, Bill and Veronica planted a new relationship as a married couple this March. With spring flowers inside and March showers outside, the party stayed in the warmth and comfort of Urban Light Studios long past the ceremony. The affair felt homey, right down to the family-style taco bar that was tremendously popular. These two fashionable folk were down for adventure, ready to bust out of ULS for the sparse 20 minutes of sunshine in between the squalls to run to a Greenwood mural for some outdoor photographs. Bill was especially excited about this as a true admirer of public graffiti art. Making it back indoors just before the heavens reopened the flood gates poured again, the toasts teared the eyes of all present. Ultimately the celebration concluded with a spontaneous dance party before Bill and Veronica departed to their hotel.

Bar service: Ravishing Radish
Catering: El Camion
Coordinator: The Invisible Hostess
Beauty: Ombu Salon
Floral: Metropolitan Market – Sand Point
Cake: Simply Sweet

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